Elizabeth Nourse

This month’s featured artist is Elizabeth Nourse, an American realist painter known for her wonderful portraits and genre scenes. She achieved international recognition during her lifetime, which would have been no easy feat at a time when the world was rife with discrimination. This video provides a pleasant overview of her life and work: 

One of my favorite paintings by Nourse is The High Meadow. There’s something pleasant and natural about it. Look at the rich colors, the strength of the lights and shadows, and the simplicity of her brushwork. Here’s a better view of the painting on Google Arts and Culture.

Elizabeth Nourse, The High Meadow, 1904
Elizabeth Nourse, The High Meadow, 1904

Here’s a gallery of her other work:

Here are some links for you to learn more: 

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    • I like the Meditation painting. Great perspective with foreshortening, shadows, facial features and a pleasant painting to look at.


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