Wellington Point, High Contrast

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Key Takeaways: 

  • The tree and its cast shadow are linked. This is a form of simplification. Instead of two distinct elements, we have one larger one.
  • The big idea of this painting is color contrast. The high key background against the dark foreground. Much like Claude Monet’s Juan-Les-Pins.
Claude Monet, Juan-Les-Pins, 1888, 700W
Claude Monet, Juan-Les-Pins, 1888
  • Most of my time was spent painting the leaves at the top. I built up many layers of broken color, using all kinds of techniques. Dabbing, lifting, scraping, multicolored strokes... anything to get the desired effect.
  • The thick texture creates tiny cast shadows on the painting. This is known as raking light. It adds an interesting dimension to the painting.


Finished Painting

Dan Scott, Wellington Point, High Contrast, 2021 (700W)
Dan Scott, Wellington Point, High Contrast, 2021

Reference Photo

Dan Scott, Reference Photo, Wellington Point High Contrast 700W