Wellington Point, Shimmering Light

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Key Takeaways: 

  • The big idea of this painting is the shimmering light on the water. I also like the way the water weaves between the leaves. I provide some tips for painting shimmering light in this newsletter.
  • I painted directly onto the white surface rather than applying a thin wash of color as I often do. As it is such a light scene, I felt a dark surface might work against me.
  • The sketch is extremely basic. Nothing more than a few rough marks on the surface. I chose to just jump into it and see where my brush took me.
  • I painted in a direct style, starting at one point and working on it until near finish, then moving onto the next. I drew inspiration from a Russian artist named Chirun Ilya.
  • I used thick, multicolored strokes for the rocks and leaves. I focused on capturing as much information as possible with just a few strokes.


Finished Painting

Dan Scott, Wellington Point, Shimmering Light, 2021 (700W)
Dan Scott, Wellington Point, Shimmering Light, 2021

Reference Photo

Wellington Point, Shimmering Light, Reference Photo