Minnippi Parklands, Sunny

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Key Takeaways: 

  • When landscape painting, you need to tailor your style, technique, and tools for the environment and conditions. In this case, a clear day means crisp colors and clear reflections in the water. I painted with direct brushwork and distinct colors.
  • I used rich blues for the water at the bottom of the painting. Almost pure ultramarine blue and cobalt blue. I rarely use such strong colors but it was how it looked in life.
  • Texture in the foreground suggests detail and activity, particularly on the left which is catching more light. More light=more clarity=more texture.
  • The plants on the left side are similar in value to the light water. This is an example of value simplification.
  • I used simplified brushwork for the trees in the back, drawing inspiration from Edgar Payne.


Finished Painting

Dan Scott, Minnippi Parklands, Sunny, 2021, 700W
Dan Scott, Minnippi Parklands, Sunny, 2021

Reference Photo

Minnippi Parklands, Sunny, Reference Photo, 700W