Margaret Olley

It was my 33rd birthday back in June. My mother gifted me her favorite art book about the life and work of Margaret Olley. I could tell it was well used by the worn edges.

Olley’s work is cheery and intimate. She painted complex interiors and still lifes with rich colors and painterly brushwork. Her studio was also a work of art. You can visit a recreation of it at the Tweed River Art Gallery. That’s where my mother purchased the book. Chontele and I plan on going when time permits. We will let you know how it goes.

Margaret Olley Book (1)
Margaret Olley, Barry Pearce
Margaret Olley Book, Quote

Here’s a gallery of her work:

Here are some links for you to learn more: 

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  1. Dan thank you for letting me know about this wonderful and gifted artist and her magnificent paints. I love her works and specially the Ranunculus and Pears paint.


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