Gold Coast, Sand Dune

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Key Takeaways: 

  • Color temperature is the key feature of this painting. Notice the striking contrast between the cool blues and purples against the tinted yellows and oranges. See my previous newsletter for more details on this.
  • The other key feature is texture, particularly the greenery at the top of the sand dune. This conveys a sense of depth and activity.
  • I used visible brushwork to inject life into an otherwise bland sky.
  • A subtle change in color temperature and value suggests wetness in the sand. This is a tricky effect to capture.
  • There are a few vague figures in the background, painted with nothing more than dabs of color.
  • There is a subtle value gradation along the horizon line. Notice how it gets lighter towards the left-hand side. This suggests the sun is around that side.
  • The tree cluster on the left is important for value contrast. It anchors the painting and makes the surrounding colors appear lighter by contrast.


Finished Painting

Dan Scott, Gold Coast, Sand Dune, 2021
Dan Scott, Gold Coast, Sand Dune, 2021

Reference Photo

Reference Photo - Gold Coast, Sand Dune