For My Eyes Only

I share most of the paintings I create with you, but there are many you don’t see. Paintings that exist for my eyes only, not to be shared, exhibited, or sold. Created merely for my enjoyment.

These paintings might not provide any tangible benefits, but they are an essential part of the art life. They allow me to paint without worrying about the outcome… to try new techniques, styles, and materials without judgment… to focus on the simple joys of painting, free of bias and public opinion.

Not everything you paint needs to be a refined exhibition piece, or sell, or be liked by others. It’s enough to simply enjoy creating it. And really, that is where most of the joy in painting comes from. Fame, recognition, and money are nice, but there are faster and more reliable routes for these things if that’s what you’re after.

Try it with your next painting. Paint something for your eyes only. You might find it refreshing.

Happy painting!

Dan Scott