Daniel Garber

“My work is different, perhaps, from that of the general landscape painter in that I have a mass of detail in the mass. After all, one’s job is to get everything in and yet keep it all as a whole, like an orchestra – everything working in harmony to produce one feeling or emotion.” Daniel Garber, Catalogue Raisonné, volume 1, p. 88.

This month’s featured artist is American Impressionist, Daniel Garber. His work is colorful and honest. My favorites are his shimmering high-key paintings. See below. They must be a stunning sight in person.

Below are some of his other paintings:

I wasn’t able to find much information about Garber, but I did find this video of his granddaughter speaking about his life and work:

3 thoughts on “Daniel Garber”

  1. Thanks so much for showing Daniel Garber’s work ! A large collection of his work can be seen at the Michener Museum in Doylestown, Pa. The way he captures both the sparkling and the hazy light along the Delaware river is very inspiring! I lived there and it looks like that ! He and Edward Redfield were 2 of the greatest of the Pennsylvania Impressionists who worked and lived around Bucks County.

  2. Love Daniel Garber’s work, soft and gentle paintings. The video with granddaughter speaking was great to watch. Especially lije Tanis 1915. Young girl by the windows, with the light coming through.

  3. I so enjoyed hearing about Daniel Barber’s life and seeing his paintings. While Pennsylvania is my home state, I had not heard about Garber and his wonderful art. Thanks for introducing him and his work!


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