Critique – Barrett Moore

Barrett Moore

Student’s Comments:

What I like:

  • That I have managed to capture the glee (when we realize he has redwood duff “horns”.)
  • That he is not beautified-but he has beauty.
  • That it feels like the forest light that it is.
  • That I think it is clear he is loved/honored. I think somehow I got the emotions right.
  • Without sending the photo it should be said his teeth are jutting out and appear to be falling out, and he is rough.

What could be improved:

  • The painting part.
  • I want to learn to paint faces-not traditionally beautiful faces. While I think the emotions/reality are communicated- I know the painting could be better…without making him pretty. Not sure how.
  • First time using decent quality acrylic (I have been practicing with house paint).

Dan’s Comments:

What I like:

  • The painting has a powerful sense of feeling and emotion. I agree with all your comments in this regard. I don’t know this man but I feel like I can see his character. This is the most important aspect of the painting and you did it well. 
  • Interesting use of layering with different colors. It gives the painting a nice sense of depth. 
  • Solid drawing and structure. All the major shapes and details appear to be in the right spots. 
  • I like how you tapered off the painting at the bottom.

What could be improved:

  • Can you use the background to convey the location and context? At the moment, it’s unclear. 
  • Some edges look a bit clean and hard. Particularly around the nose and along the hairline. Use soft and broken edges to help link areas together and make it easier for our eyes to transition through the painting. You should also be careful of long, straight edges (see the edge on the left-hand side of the nose that separates light and shadow). They can appear rigid and unnatural. 

Thanks Barret and well done.