Critique – Avi Amit

Avi Amit

Student’s Comments:

What I like:

  • One can feel the power of nature (the eucalyptus is 100 years old).

What could be improved:

  • I think the line connecting the tree to the ground is too sharp.

Dan’s Comments:

Hi Avi!

Nice painting. It reminds me of this tree painting I did some time ago.

What I like:

  • Love the way you painted the tree. It’s not an easy subject with all the curves, contours, highlights, and shadows. 
  • Nice use of the dark trees in the background to give contrast to the light colors of the feature tree. 
  • Solid composition, with a strong focal point and a distinct foreground, middle ground, and background.

What could be improved:

  • It looks slightly unfinished and could use refining. 
  • The value relationships are inconsistent. The leaves and shadows on the feature tree are too light in relation to the rest of the painting. 
  • The curve of the landscape doesn’t read well. Perhaps a hint of land in the far distance along the horizon line might help it read better. 
  • The lights in the foreground appear too cool. 
  • Think about how you can work the grass into the feature trees. Make them connected rather than separate parts. 

Thanks Avi!