Gold Coast, Sand Dune

Full Video Key Takeaways:  Color temperature is the key feature of this painting. Notice the striking contrast between the cool blues and purples against the tinted yellows and oranges. See my previous newsletter for more details on this. The other key feature is texture, particularly the greenery at the top of the sand dune. This conveys a … Read more

Wellington Point, Shimmering Light

Full Video Key Takeaways:  The big idea of this painting is the shimmering light on the water. I also like the way the water weaves between the leaves. I provide some tips for painting shimmering light in this newsletter. I painted directly onto the white surface rather than applying a thin wash of color as I … Read more

Wellington Point, High Contrast

Full Video Key Takeaways:  The tree and its cast shadow are linked. This is a form of simplification. Instead of two distinct elements, we have one larger one. The big idea of this painting is color contrast. The high key background against the dark foreground. Much like Claude Monet’s Juan-Les-Pins. Claude Monet, Juan-Les-Pins, 1888 Most of … Read more

Maryvale, Sunny Landscape

Full Video Key Takeaways:  This painting helped me break out of a creative rut. Simple subjects like this are great to get a quick win under your belt. There’s nothing worse than having a painting go wrong after a dry spell. Simple subjects are challenging in the sense you need to work harder to make … Read more

Moody Seascape, The Spit, Gold Coast

Full Video Key Takeaways:  I painted fast, relying mostly on instinct. I took advantage of visible brushwork to inject energy into the painting. I started with dark colors, then worked lighter towards the end. With the waves, it’s important to simplify all the “noise”. I looked for the few key details, contours, and edges that … Read more