Making 2022 Your Best Year Ever

January is over, but there are still eleven months left in the year. This report is all about getting the most out of that time. First, we will review 2021. Then, we will come up with a plan for the rest of 2022. Keep in mind, this report is not specific to 2022. You’ll be able … Read more

Interior Scenes, Trying Something Different, and Simplification

Sometime last month, Chontele, Elora, and I had morning tea with my grandparents in their dining room. The room has frilly white curtains, ornaments, paintings, and glass-paned doors leading to the garden. There was a moment when sunlight was bursting through the partly open doors and hitting the floor in an interesting and beautiful way. … Read more

Childhood Paintings – The Start of a Lifelong Journey at the Easel

In October, I published a handful of my childhood paintings (you can read that post here if you missed it). I was surprised how popular this was. There were over 130 comments last time I checked. In light of that, childhood paintings will be the theme of this month’s training report. Dan Scott, Childhood Painting … Read more

Lessons From the Impressionists

This training report follows on from my Claude Monet spotlight published in September 2021. I was so inspired by Monet’s work that I spent the last few months exploring his techniques and processes. Particularly the process of painting the same subject over and over again in varying conditions. Here are my findings. Claude Monet, Belle-Ile, … Read more

Subtle Subjects, Muted Colors, and Palette Knives

Welcome to the first issue of DPA Inner Circle Training Report. The idea of this report is to share wisdom, inspiration, and tips about the artist life. This issue will revolve around my recent painting, Manly Rock Wall, Moody. It’s a subtle painting done almost entirely with palette knives. Dan Scott, Manly Rock Wall, Moody, … Read more