Reflected Light, Not Doing Too Much, and Right Color, Right Spot

A few months ago, I took this beautiful photo of Chontele and Elora. We were at my parents’ house. I was inside having a chat with my mum and dad and Chontele was playing with Elora in the garden. I watched this photo come together through the window. Everything is just right. The light, colors, … Read more

Fechin Technique, Saturation, and Small Paintings

Welcome to the November 2022 training report. This issue will focus on a small flower study based on the Brisbane City botanic gardens (shown below). New Technique Adopted From Nicholai Fechin The purpose of my study was to experiment with a new technique that I adopted from Nicholai Fechin. The technique involves painting directly onto … Read more

Where to Start, Staining the Canvas, and Other Mediums

Welcome to the October 2022 training report. Last month (September 2022) Chontele and I hiked through Mount Tamborine in Queensland. The air was crisp, the greens were rich and luscious, and nature’s infinite detail was on full display. Below is a small painting I did based on a photo from that day. I’ll be referring … Read more

Complementary Colors, Mixing Guidelines, and Changing Style

This report will focus mostly on color and style. I’ll cover: Making Red Sing Amongst the Greens Putting the Right Color in the Right Spot Changing Style Progress Shots and Reference Photo: Brisbane City, Mist Progress Shots and Reference Photo: Brisbane City, White Light Thanks for Reading! Making Red Sing Amongst the Greens Red and … Read more

On Art and Fear

Earlier this year, a subscriber suggested I read Art and Fear. It’s by two professional photographers, David Bayles and Ted Orland. Of course, we are interested in painting, but the artistic process is roughly the same across all mediums. I found the book to be profound and I wish I had read it earlier on … Read more

Garden Paintings

This month’s report is all about garden paintings. I’ll cover: My Recent Painting Progress Shots Garden Painting Tips Garden Reference Photos Master Paintings My Recent Painting Below is one of my most recent paintings. It depicts the garden out the front of my parents’ home. I grew up with this garden. It has changed over … Read more

Pushing Your Ideas

This report is all about pushing your ideas through your art. I’ll cover what it means and provide you with specific examples. Overview Pushing the Gesture Pushing the Color Pushing the Contrast Pushing the Atmosphere Pushing the Character Pushing One Idea Might Mean Restraining Another Overview Pushing your ideas essentially refers to the decisions you … Read more