Artist of the Month: Hilda Rix Nicholas

“I wish above all things … to associate my work with the portrayal of my own sunny land and her peoples.” Hilda Rix Nicholas in a letter to John Robert Chisman (Source) This month’s featured artist is Hilda Rix Nicholas. She was an Australian artist with a distinct, illustrative style. One of my readers recommended … Read more

Fechin Technique, Saturation, and Small Paintings

Welcome to the November 2022 training report. This issue will focus on a small flower study based on the Brisbane City botanic gardens (shown below). New Technique Adopted From Nicholai Fechin The purpose of my study was to experiment with a new technique that I adopted from Nicholai Fechin. The technique involves painting directly onto … Read more

Where to Start, Staining the Canvas, and Other Mediums

Welcome to the October 2022 training report. Last month (September 2022) Chontele and I hiked through Mount Tamborine in Queensland. The air was crisp, the greens were rich and luscious, and nature’s infinite detail was on full display. Below is a small painting I did based on a photo from that day. I’ll be referring … Read more

Painting of the Month: On the Sands by Winslow Homer

This month’s featured artwork is On the Sands by Winslow Homer. It was done with several mediums: watercolor, gouache, pen and ink, and graphite. It’s a moody and understated painting, but there’s a lot going on. (Click here to download a higher resolution photo of the painting.) Brief details about the painting: Watercolor and gouache … Read more

Artist of the Month: Sergei Bongart

“There are two kinds of artists, the emotional painter and academician. The academician can paint into old age sitting on his stool licking his canvas until 98 years of age. The emotional artist burns himself up; he does not live long. The academician always creates something acceptable, boring, but acceptable. The emotional artist often misses, … Read more