Mary Rogers Williams

This month’s featured artist is Mary Ann Rogers. She was an American Impressionist who flew under the radar. Her work is soft and conveys life’s fleeting experiences. She was also an avid writer, documenting her life through thousands of letters, much like Marie Bashkirtseff. I first learned about Rogers and her work from Robert Henri’s … Read more

Bato Dugarzhapov

“At the moment when the brush touches the canvas, the inner processes are accelerated. Everything goes faster, clearer and not as was planned beforehand. It happens independently and only now, at this particular moment. Ideas, scenery, colors – everything starts to appear and take their proper place only when my brush and the canvas meet … Read more

Pro Hart

“He collected Rolls Royces, Rembrandts and Picassos, but loved Chinese takeaways and a cup of tea”. Source This month’s featured artist is Pro Hart. I grew up with his work hanging around my parents’ home. They own an original and a few prints. His work embodies the dry Australian outback. He wasn’t an academic painter, … Read more

Childe Hassam

“The true impressionism is realism. So many people do not observe. They take the ready-made axioms laid down by others, and walk blindly in a rut without trying to see for themselves.” Childe Hassam I figure Childe Hassam is an appropriate artist to go with this month’s training report. He was a master of Impressionism … Read more

Isobel Rae

This month’s featured artist is Isobel Rae (or Iso Rae). She caught my attention with her painting, Young Girl, √Čtaples. It reminds me of my own daughter. She was an Australian impressionist, though she spent most of her life in France. This put her in an awkward position in terms of her legacy, as she was … Read more