Painting of the Month: The Boat at Giverny by Claude Monet

This month’s featured painting is The Boat at Giverny by Claude Monet. I thought of this painting as I put the finishing touches on Boats at Wynnum. I remember first seeing it in a documentary about Monet’s life, I, Claude Monet, and being captivated by the sea of greens and blues that filled the screen. … Read more

Artist of the Month: Karl Nordström

I came across this artist via James Gurney’s blog (a worthwhile read if you ever need inspiration). Nordström was a Swedish landscape painter with a unique, whimsical style as if he were painting a dream. I don’t like all his work equally. There are a handful of paintings that stand above the rest in my … Read more

Margaret Olley

It was my 33rd birthday back in June. My mother gifted me her favorite art book about the life and work of Margaret Olley. I could tell it was well used by the worn edges. Olley’s work is cheery and intimate. She painted complex interiors and still lifes with rich colors and painterly brushwork. Her studio … Read more

Painting of the Month – Violet and Gold by Frederick McCubbin

This month’s featured painting is Violet and Gold by Frederick McCubbin. It’s a wonderful display of light flickering through the Australian landscape, with tall gum trees and cows drinking at the pond’s edge. McCubbin wrote of his appreciation of gum trees: “The subtle way in which it responds to varying effects of light and shadow … Read more